Collaborating with Zeefier to Promote Versatility and Sustainability


From April 18 to 23, 2023, BY/MARTIS had the honor of participating in one of the world's most prestigious design events – Milan Design Week. This year, our exhibit was not just about showcasing fashion; it was a celebration of sustainability, versatility, and the power of conscious consumption. In collaboration with Zeefier, a pioneering company from the Netherlands specializing in seaweed-based dyes, we embarked on a mission to redefine fashion at its core.

The Mission: Reducing Excess through Versatility:

At the heart of this project was a simple yet profound idea: designing clothing pieces that could be combined in as many ways as possible. Our shared mission was clear – to promote versatility and reduce the need for excessive consumption, aligning perfectly with the values of both BY/MARTIS and Zeefier.

The Capsule Collection:

The culmination of our collaboration resulted in a capsule collection that challenges the conventions of fashion. This collection consists of just four items: an oversized shirt, a dress, trousers, and a jacket. But here's where the magic lies – thanks to a modular system designed with ingenuity, these garments are transformed into over 30 unique outfit combinations.

  • Sleeve Remix: The modular system allows sleeves to be removed and mixed with different items from the collection, adding a touch of personal flair to every ensemble.

  • Top-to-Bottom Pairing: Tops can be effortlessly paired with different lower parts, creating a myriad of fresh looks without the need for a crowded wardrobe.

  • Transformative Trousers: The trousers can be easily transformed into shorts, adapting to the changing seasons and fashion preferences.

With this capsule collection, we are redefining the concept of a minimalist wardrobe. It's not about having fewer options; it's about having more possibilities.

Seaweed-Colored Garments: Sustainable and Gentle:

An essential element of this project is the use of seaweed-colored garments made from cotton and linen. These materials are not only gentle on the skin but also on the environment. They represent a conscious choice for fashion that respects both the wearer and the world in which we live.

A Proud Part of the Worth Partnership Project:

We are thrilled to announce that this innovative project is part of the Worth Partnership Project, a European initiative that fosters collaborations between designers, manufacturers, and technology firms. Our partnership with Zeefier is a testament to the power of cross-border collaboration in the pursuit of sustainable fashion.


BY MARTIS, in collaboration with Zeefier, invites you to embrace a new era of fashion – one that values versatility, sustainability, and mindful choices. Our capsule collection from Milan Design Week 2023 is a testament to what can be achieved when creativity meets consciousness. Join us in redefining fashion, one modular piece at a time.