Modno kreiranje, Martina Marolt s.p., has successfully secured co-financing through the public tender P2 for the development of BY/MARTIS - a brand specializing in sustainable and modular women's clothing.



The purpose of the BY/MARTIS brand and the project is the development of the products themselves and initiating sales. 



Through the support received from the P2 funding and their mentorship program, we have successfully launched a collection comprising 12 modular garments suitable for year-round wear. Our sustainable clothes are crafted from eco-friendly materials or repurposed dead-stock fabrics, emphasizing our commitment to environmental responsibility. Each item offers multiple wearing options, allowing for diverse combinations with a minimal number of pieces. Our clothing is ingeniously designed for easy disassembly into separate components and reassembly into entirely new looks. BY/MARTIS empowers individuals to construct personalized garments from their constituent parts. We have revolutionized self-expression in fashion by integrating innovative snaps intricately molded into the fabric tape. This innovation enables effortless reinvention of clothing items, facilitating fresh looks without the necessity of a completely new wardrobe. Moreover, the option to purchase additional parts not only expands styling possibilities but also prolongs the lifespan of cherished pieces.

The financial support for the project implementation totals €54,000.


Project Timeline

  • Operation Start Date: December 15, 2021
  • Operation Completion Date: September 30, 2023


Funding Details

The investment is financed by the European Union and the Republic of Slovenia through the European Regional Development Fund.