Beige Dress with Black Details



Step into the world of fashion innovation with our stunning modular beige dress, detailed with sleek black accents. 

Midi-Length Elegance:

With its classic midi length, this dress exudes timeless sophistication.

Adaptable Sleeve Options:

Embrace the cozy vibes of fall and winter with long sleeves that can be effortlessly removed for a lighter feel.

Transformable Design:

Unleash your creativity as the dress effortlessly transforms into various styles. Remove the lower part to reveal a chic jacket with long sleeves for a contemporary look, or opt for a jacket with short sleeves to stay cool and stylish.

Perfect for Layering:

This versatile dress is your go-to choice for layering, allowing you to effortlessly switch between different looks as the seasons evolve.

Adjustable Waist Fit:

Tailor the dress to your body with an adjustable waist, ensuring the perfect fit for every occasion.

Endless Possibilities:

Zippers on the sides of the skirt let you customize the bottom part of the dress, adding a unique touch to your outfit.



At BY/MARTIS, we're dedicated to the path of sustainability. To minimize excess stock and to avoid over-production, we operate on a preorder basis. Your order is not just a purchase; it's a commitment to conscious consumption. Each piece is crafted with care and love, tailored specifically for you. Expect your order to be thoughtfully made and shipped within 14 days of payment, a testament to our dedication to both quality and the planet.



51% Recycled Polyester

39% Polyester

10% Spandex


100% Polyester (DEADSTOCK)

Made in Slovenia.